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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Round 3

After the euphoria and heartbreak of Round 2, there was an expectant air at MARS stadium for the Round 3 encounter between the mighty Black Fish and traditional rival The Fakers. The Fish were buoyed by the return of the Rodgers brothers from their overseas pre-season, and the official debut of talented youngster Nissen as a full-time Fish.

After a cautious start by both sides the Fakers established a slender half-time lead. Relentless defensive pressure by the Black Fish in the premiership quarter brought the scores to within a few points and forced a panicky time-out by a rattled (and unattractive) Fakers outfit.

Sadly for the large contingent of Fish fans sitting courtside, the Fakers drew away in a dramatic final few moments. Despite claiming a moral victory, the scorecard records another heartbreaking loss for the Black Fish, 22-29.

On a positive note, no major injuries were recorded. On an even more positive note, no Fishettes were present to witness the mincy free-throw efforts from their otherwise testosterone-laden men.

The Black Fish look forward to a capacity crowd for their Round 4 encounter with traditional rivals Spectrum.

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