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Thursday, October 15, 2015

TNPS VII - 15/10/15

After a brief bromantic interlude on the Murray (pictured below), the Thursday Night Pain Society returned to its spiritual home, the Farr House of Pain, for a classic dose of weeknight suffering.

Splinters really hurt

Heavy branch presses, Mugatu-style

This week it was just the hard core foundation squad of BF07 and BF00, and the session was a reprise of TNPS V, mainly to demonstrate to BF07 that there is never any escape from TNPS suffering.

Here's the recipe:

1. Warm-up with shoulder dislocates

2. 10-minute maximum reps at the following stations:
a. Pull-up - BF07: 58    BF00: 87
b. Z-press - BF07: 77  BF00: 181

3. 30s ski + 90s rest, players alternate
    BF00 starts at 145m, BF07 at 130m; each must increase by 1m each round
    Ends when both players fail to increase in the same round:

    BF07      BF00
    130         145
    132         146
    133         147
    135         149
    132         150
    131         151
    128         152
    128         154
    129         155
    129         156
    128         157
    126         158
    127         159
    125         161
    125         169
(terminated at 15 rounds)

It was as bad as I remembered it.

The Z-press started superbly for BF07...

...but got a bit shaky as each minute went by

The tragic moment when the bar snapped BF07 in two.
The Black Fish will be holding a telethon soon to raise funds for the 
experimental surgery that will take place in China in the near future.
The surgeons have promised to graft BF07's upper body onto Chris
Hoy's legs. Should be a perfect fit.

Great ski erg form

But for everyone it soon becomes a vortex of pain

Tonight's work