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Thursday, August 27, 2015

TNPS III - 27/8/15

Edition III of the Thursday Night Pain Society was for the hard units only.

It was the shortest TNPS of all time, but perhaps the most brutal.

Only BF06 and BF00 were hard enough to complete it.

This is how it looked:

Warm up with squats, wall squats and lunges 

Work up to heavy back squat: 
5 @ 132#
3 @ 176#
2 @ 220#
1 @ 264# 

10x back squat at bodyweight (187#) + 30s row sprint (minimum standard 160m) 
5 rounds:  
BF00: 167m, 168m, 167m, 167m, 167m 
BF06: 160m, 160m, 161m, 163m, 168m 

Then BF06 had the (Sophie's) choice: Door 1 or Door 2. Whatever lay behind it was our destiny.

He chose Door 1:

Maximum continuous deadlifts at 100kg without setting the bar down
(standard when fresh is 30 reps):
BF06: 20 
BF00: 30 

By now the legs were jelly and the "bonus" round was not required.

Another hard night enters the annals of Black Fish history.

"What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

BF06 praying that his rowing gloves will make the difference

BF00's intracranial pressure causing irreversible head blurring

Pre-prolapse facies

Thursday Night Gainz Society

Thursday, August 13, 2015

TNPS II - 13/8/2015

The second edition of the Black Fish Thursday Night Pain Society was, unexpectedly, even worse than the inaugural event. Undeterred by the absences of Black Fish Dwyer (acceptable) and Edwards (unacceptable), TNPS stalwarts Rodgers and Whittle dug deep for what became a gut-churning lactate spectacular.

This is how it looked:

3x (4-1) pull-up ladder

6-way barbell at 88#/99#/110#
(6x deadlift, 6x bent row, 6x power clean, 6x front squat, 6x push press, 6x back squat, 6x push-up)
(alternate players)

One-arm KB Clean & Press @ 24kg
4X every 30 seconds for 5 minutes
KB swing @ 24kg
10X every 30 seconds for 5 minutes
5X every 30 seconds for 5 minutes

Tag Team Row and Hold:
P1: Row 150m
P2: Hold 2x30# DBs overhead, arms locked out
Switch positions repeat until both players have rowed to finish one round
Three rounds

500m ski for time (sub 1:45 minimum standard)
SW: 1’33.8”; AR 1’45.3"

AR making the dreaded 6-way barbell look easy

If you look closely, you can see SW's soul trying to escape

Mushroom cloud

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Black Fish are back: Thursday Night Pain Society I

The mighty Black Fish present their latest sporting endeavour: The Thursday Night Pain Society.

The inaugural TNPS was held on Thursday, August 6 2015 at BF00's pain dungeon. And sadly for the participants @samwhittle, @adrbf06 and @DwyerFin, the name barely did justice to the experience.

Tonight's workout:


Squats, wall squats
10-1 burpee ladder


32kg/16kg KB

15 swings + Row 2 minute
Rest while others work
3 rounds

10 goblet squat + Ski 2 minute
3 rounds

450m girls (400 for ski)
575m boys (500 for ski)


Explosive step-ups:
40x step-up @20” box each player per round

3 rounds

And here's how it played out:

The Fish in action:

 "Why is it called the Thursday Night Pain Society?"

The definition of 'explosive' may have changed as each round progressed

Fin making it look way too easy

Hammer or nail?

See you next week, sports fans!