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Saturday, April 28, 2007

2006 Black Fish Annual Dinner

A full report of this magnificent occasion will follow in coming the meantime, visit the photos page to relive some of the excitement of this glittering nights of nights.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fixtures Winter 2007

Round 1 (12/4/07) BF v Red Dwarfs
Round 2 (19/4/07) BF v Endo
Round 3 (26/4/07) BF v The Disgraced
Round 4 (3/5/07) BF v Homebrand 10:30pm
Round 5 (10/5/07) BF v East All Stars 9:00pm
Round 6 (17/5/07) BYE
Round 7 (24/5/07) BF v Spectrum 10:30pm
Round 8 (31/5/07) BF v Metal Slug 6:00pm
Round 9 (7/6/07) BF v Red Dwarfs 6:00pm
Round 10 (14/6/07) BF v The Disgraced 9:00pm
Round 11 (21/6/07) BF v Homebrand 9:45pm
Round 12 (28/6/07) BF v Deja Vu 10:30pm
Round 13 (5/7/07) BYE
Round 14 (12/7/07) BF v Spectrum 8:15pm
Round 15 (19/7/07) BF v Metal Slug 9:45pm
Round 16 (26/7/07) BF v Red Dwarfs 9:45pm
Round 17 (2/8/07) BF v The Disgraced 8:15pm
Round 18 (9/8/07) BF v Homebrand 6:00pm
Round 19 (16/8/07) BF v Deja Vu 6:45pm
Round 20 (23/8/07) BYE
Round 21 (30/8/07) BF v Spectrum 8:15pm
Semi-Finals 6/9/07
Grand Final 13/9/07

Winter Season Stats

Follow your favourite player's stats throughout the season on our Stats Page.

Round 3: BF v The Disgraced

The sad demise of the popular Aussie Bruddhas franchise forced an injury-riddled Black Fish side into a last minute finals re-match with traditional rivals and unrelenting wankers, The Disgraced.

Surprisingly, the super-fit man-specimen Carrot was sidelined with an undisclosed injury (heart muscle-related until proven otherwise), leaving a troupe of little Super Mario clones to face the might of five super-fish (00, 03, 06, 11 & 12).

From the first minute of the game, it was all Fish. The D-train sparked things off by niggling the referees and the opposition in a remarkable display of psychological warfare. Rodgers (A), continued his rich vein of form by repeatedly driving through traffic to the bucket. Downing produced perhaps his most impressive performance to date, exhibiting fierce defensive intensity and wearing a nasty gash on his face to boot (pictured). Whittle tried to match Magic Johnson's talent for assists while simultaneously avoiding his talent for acquiring unpleasant social diseases. And Noutz was at his barn-storming, opponent-stomping best as he absolutely dominated the boards.

The most complete team performance of this season resulted in the first win for the season, 44-32, and put the rest of the competition on notice that the mighty Black Fish are a force to be reckoned with in Winter Season 2007.

Round 2: BF v Endo

There was a palpable sense of anticipation amongst the large courtside contingent as the mighty Black Fish took to a dimly-lit Court 3 for their inaugural clash with traditional rivals Endo.

It soon became apparent that the newest team to ascend to the lofty heights of Marden E-grade would be no easybeats. Indeed, their twin towers dominated the boards against a Fish side that was fielding an uncharacteristically short and mobile team.

In the end, Rodgers (N)'s heroics were not quite enough to prevent a narrow 41-46 loss.

Despite the 0-2 start to the season, die-hard Fish supporters remain confident of a place in this season's finals series. Don't neglect to support the boys and revel in countless unnamed perks by purchasing your membership while stocks last!

Winter Season 2007 - Round 1: BF v Red Dwarfs

After a mixed finals series at the end of Summer Season 2006/07 that saw the Fish triumph in one of their finest ever moments against Carrot and his pathetic bunch of Disgraces, and add to their glassware collection despite a disappointing result that will be mentioned no further, the mighty mighty Black Fish returned for their start of their breakthrough season in a cracking encounter with the Red Dwarfs.

In keeping with this season's trend towards shorter match reports (any volunteer guest reporters are welcome to contact BF management), the match can be summarised thus:

  • Darren returns - fans are delighted, opposition are troubled by the disturbing aroma emanating from his index finger.

  • Five brave Fish play their hearts out against a powerful opponent.

  • Carl makes an early impression on the scoreboard.

  • A solid Fish performance is not enough to prevent a 33-48 loss.

Despite the loss, expectation are extremely high for a Black Fish unit brimming with confidence and pride, and anticipating the imminent return of star players Rajapaksa and Vasilunas.

Go you mighty Black Fish.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Winter Season 2007

The Black Fish website is back with all the action in the most highly-anticipated season in Black Fish history.

Stay tuned in coming weeks as the match reports return, we look at Summer Season 06/07 in review, meet this season's new and returning players, and relive the majesty of the 2006 BF Annual Dinner.....