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Friday, April 7, 2006

Round 5

The Black Fish juggernaut headed to the unfamiliar territory of court 2 for the late night round 5 clash with traditional rivals Lobetrotters. The history of simmering mutual dislike in every Black Fish v Lobetrotters match was again expected to draw a strong crowd, and for once expectations were met. The Goodwives Rajapaksa and Whittle created a raucous courtside din that clearly rattled the unfortunate-looking 'Trotters.

A tense opening period saw the Fish slip to a 4-8 deficit as they failed to capitalise on a number of strong scoring opportunities. In true Black Fish fashion, however, the men lifted in response to the plaintive wailing of the ravishing courtside beauties, and began to exert their dominance over the 'Trotters. The ironically-named carrot-topped 'Trotter "Carrot" managed to keep his side in the game until half-time with some aggressive drives to the bucket. It was clear from his condition, however, that his diet has consisted of considerably more than just his namesakes, and this told dearly in the second half as he all but faded completely from the game.

The inside strength of N. Rodgers, the dash of A. Rodgers, the defensive intensity of Nissen, the unflagging committment of Rajapaksa, the consistency of Vasilunas, the flawless outside shooting of Edwards and the unmistakeable class of Whittle all came to the fore in a second half best described as a procession. Only two late fluke shots by the 'Trotter dwarf-brigade kept the scorecard looking respectable.

At the final siren the Black Fish had extended their winning streak with a stunning 27-19 victory.

Next week sees the Easter hiatus, followed by the eagerly-awaited clash with traditional rivals the Aussie Bruddhas.

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