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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Round 10

Ah yes....Round 10 - it seems like only yesterday.

The injury-depleted Fish took to court 2 for the late game against traditional rivals The Fakers. Even the entire cheer squad was apparently severely injured, as not one of them turned out for this crunch game.

An otherwise unremarkable match was highlighted by the excellent bout of fisticuffs on court 3 moments prior to the opening ball-up, and by the first ever Black Fish match report to feature the word 'fisticuffs'.

Perhaps an even more significant occurrence was the long-overdue return to the court of former better-than-adequate player and serial knee injury victim Richard 'Python' Weeks. Weeks signalled his intentions early with an audacious drive and low-arm finger-lob that caught nothing but net, and his sublime work at the point added much to an already skill-replete team.

Unfortunately for the Fish, who bravely fought out a physical and highlight-packed match, their Faker hoodoo was destined to continue as they succumbed 28-36.

As this fine side enters the depths of the mid-season they will be forced to dig deep in order to remain in the top four. Fish fans, there can be no surer bet than that your boys will call on all their reserves of skill and commitment and surge back towards the top of the ladder.

We might even have a training session.....

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