vir non camelus est.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Round 25

With no mathematical chance of playing in the finals the Black Fish entered the final minor round game against league heavyweights, The Fakers, with only pride at stake. And that is when the Fish are at their best.

Words are insufficient to describe the skill and courage displayed by this magnificent team in every breathtaking moment of this clash. And so there will be no description of the match.

Also, it was about six weeks ago so I've forgotten most of what happened.

But those who were there witnessed a display of steely defensive intensity, creative offensive opportunism, and uncommon passing precision that left the eventual league premiers utterly destroyed.

History records a magnificent 26-21 victory. Truly a fine end to our stunning comeback season.

Admittedly, an even better end would have been to have qualified for the finals, but that is perhaps to miss the point - the point, my friends, is that the Black Fish are back, and they're here to stay. And with just the right degree of haughty pride, the fine men of the Black Fish chose not to contest the repercharge finals, leaving the small-penis brigade and future 'fifteen' chefs to scrabble amongst themselves for the minor honours.

For the Fish are already looking ahead to the summer season, in what promises to be a breakthrough period for this club. Dear supporters, look forward to a season of great victories, awe-inspiring highlights, and the return of some club stalwarts - all to be recorded on the ever-expanding website.

And so concludes Winter Season 2006. If we have learned but one thing this season, it is that vir non camelus est.

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