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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Fish Dominate "Ride Like Crazy"

Having made their Ride Like Crazy debut in 2012, the Fish were keen to make a big impression in this year's ride. In perfect conditions, and with pockets bulging with the currency strategically witheld from the organizers as part of the Angela Merkel-inspired Black Fish Austerity Campaign, squad members Dwyer, Edwards, Weeks and Whittle scythed through the peloton.

Quads development on track for TDU

Indeed, so fast were the Fish that it was as though they rode 17km less than everyone else that day.

And while some valuable fine-tuning of the team time-trial train was achieved on the road to Woodside, the footage below demonstrates that even in the suburban badlands of Norwood the Black Fish are cycling with power and elegance. Bring on the TDU!

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