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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Black Fish are back: Thursday Night Pain Society I

The mighty Black Fish present their latest sporting endeavour: The Thursday Night Pain Society.

The inaugural TNPS was held on Thursday, August 6 2015 at BF00's pain dungeon. And sadly for the participants @samwhittle, @adrbf06 and @DwyerFin, the name barely did justice to the experience.

Tonight's workout:


Squats, wall squats
10-1 burpee ladder


32kg/16kg KB

15 swings + Row 2 minute
Rest while others work
3 rounds

10 goblet squat + Ski 2 minute
3 rounds

450m girls (400 for ski)
575m boys (500 for ski)


Explosive step-ups:
40x step-up @20” box each player per round

3 rounds

And here's how it played out:

The Fish in action:

 "Why is it called the Thursday Night Pain Society?"

The definition of 'explosive' may have changed as each round progressed

Fin making it look way too easy

Hammer or nail?

See you next week, sports fans!

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