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Thursday, September 17, 2015

TNPS V - 17/9/15

This week was shaping up as the first ever TNPS to feature 3 foundation Black Fish. But sadly an unexpected turn of events at the last minute prevented BF07 from attending his second consecutive pain society meeting (he also strenuously denies any implication that his absence related to any combination of camouflage gear, air rifles or pre-schools).

And so it was that TNPS stalwarts BF06 and BF00 were left to suffer, Christ-like, on behalf of all Black Fish.

And it was a beauty. The first ever TNPS routine to be unanimously voted as warranting a repeat appearance in the near future (nb voting panel consisted of BF00 only).

Here's how it looked:

1. Warm-up with shoulder dislocates

2. 10-minute maximum reps at 3 consecutive stations:
a. Pull-up - BF06: 68    BF00: 82
b. Dips     - BF06: 156  BF00: 115
c. Z-press - BF06: 169  BF00: 169

3. 30s ski + 90s rest, players alternate
    Each player starts at 145m and must increase by 1m each round
    Ends when both players fail to increase in the same round:

    BF06      BF00
    145         145
    138         147
    146         148
    145         149
    136         150
    137         151
    139         153
    140         154
    139         155
    141         156
    137         157
    138         158
    136         159
    134         160
    129         162
    136         165
    139         165
(end at 17 rounds)
(plus one bonus round for BF06 = 142)

Simple but painful. Just the way we like it.

How heavy can an unloaded bar feel?

Pretty heavy it turns out.

No filter*
(*not true)

Alex "Tzatziki" Rodgers: undisputed world dip champion

BF06 giving a death stare to his nemesis

All good things must come to an end...

See you next week!
(I'm looking at you, BF07)

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