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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Fish in Pain - part 2: apis contra piscem

The cycling gods, not content with the attempted hobbling of veteran Dicky Weeks, struck again this week. And this time they targeted your correspondent, BF00, presumably because they find my lack of faith disturbing*. On an early-morning 'twin peaks' ride comprising Lofty and Greenhill, BF00 and the valiant S. Edwards looked resplendent in their team kit as they streaked up past Eagle on the Hill. At which point disaster (or the cycling gods, or some other god, or someone in command of a bee army....) struck.

A kamikaze bee attacked BF00, with murderous intent. Fortunately for me, he failed in his attempt to sting me in the pharynx, but he did manage to get me on the top lip.

Immediately after the sting, I looked like this:

Not so bad.

But, disturbingly, I woke up this morning to find that I looked like this:

Truly terrifying.

Of course, we already know that the Black Fish are made of stern stuff so, having checked on Edwards' knowledge of anaphylaxis management (note to RAH Immunology Department: you may wish to spend some more time educating your registrars), we pushed on, and dominated the hills in true Black Fish style.

I score that as: Piscis 1, Apis 0.

(*This Star Wars reference was included for the benefit of the world's biggest Star Wars fan, Dr Edwards)

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