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Thursday, September 10, 2015

TNPS IV - 10/9/15

TNPS IV had two defining features:
1. On a happy note, it marked the TNPS debut of Black Fish veteran, premiership player and club legend BF07.
2. On a darker note, it was the most horrible edition yet.

But in true Black Fish style, the two foundation members who were present dug deep to suffer their way through an extremely unpleasant session. It was special to watch.

Meanwhile, another foundation Fish and premiership player (and hitherto hard man of the club), BF06, showed remarkable initiative in taking the TNPS for its second trip to South-East Asia in only the second month of its existence. Unfortunately the combination of humidity, volcanic ash and Bintang resulted in severe clouding of his judgment. His match report (verbatim) reads:

"today I did a yoga class and just had a massage with Balinese wrap at the Day Spa 
#NoFear #Hardcore #TNPS"

The thoughts of the entire Black Fish family are with BF06 as he struggles through this difficult time and we look forward to the eventual return of the man and athlete we used to know.

Back in the dimly-lit, ice-cold depths of the Farr House of Pain, the real men suffered through the following:

Warm up with squats, wall squats, lunges

Work up to heavy front squat:
SW max 275#
SE max 132#

4x4 front squat at 80% max:
SW at 220#
SE at 121#

500m row for time:
SW 1’30.3"
SE 1’40.9"

500m row + x reps FSPP @88# (x = number of seconds slower than baseline)
3 rounds, alternating players:

1’45.8” (5 FSPP)
1’45.9” (5 FSPP)
1’45.9” (5 FSPP)

1’37.4” (7 FSPP)
1’43.4” (13 FSPP)
1’42.8” (13 FSPP)

End (no bonus)

"Wait, I have to lift this bar up?"

BF07 in an elite "I Dream of Jeannie" pose

So exciting to have Bone McDermott drop in for a visit to our gym

These rowing intervals are going to get done, polio or no polio

It took forever to photoshop the pandas out of this image

The damage. Thankfully the bonus was averted.

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