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Saturday, September 26, 2015

TNPS VI - 26/9/15

Not a Thursday.
Not at night.
But plenty of pain.

Having been struck down by a pandemic-strength dose of man-flu earlier in the week, it was a partially-relieved BF00 who learned early today that BF06 and BF07 were willing to engage in some weekend suffering. It might not have been TNPS as we've come to know it, but it was still a cracking session.

On a glorious spring afternoon, these 3 foundation Black Fish took to the great outdoors. There was plenty of vitamin D. And possibly a bit of vitamin A and vitamin S.

The entire session was based on the principle of "walk back and forth carrying heavy things". Here's how it looked:

3x Hang Clean + 3x Push Press + 3x Hang Clean + 3x Push Press
Do at 88# for BF07 and 132# for BF00 and BF06 (BF00 first set at 154#)
Alternate players
3 rounds

Walking lunge @110# BB:
One length of tennis court + 5 thrusters @110#:
(66# for BF07)
Alternate players
3 laps each

Overhead carries at one heavy KB each:
Snatch into OH & carry 1 lap, change hands with snatch, carry back
80# for BF00; 53-70# for BF06; 53# for BF07
3 rounds each

Barbell overhead carry
2 full lengths of tennis court
3 rounds each:
BF00: 110/132/132#
BF06: 110#
BF07: 66/88/88#

5x KB Rack Squat + farmer carry x1 length of tennis court +
5x KB Rack Squat + farmer carry x1 length of tennis court
@ 2x53# KB
3 rounds each

BF07 doing well to get the calves out of the way during the lunge.

Tzatziki chasing shadows. Deep in the pain cave.

To be frank, none of us here at Black Fish headquarters can
understand how that clown Hemsworth pipped BF07 for the 
role of Thor. Here at #TNPS, Gods walk among us.

"I wish BF00 would shut the fuck up about external rotation. I
can't even remember which one that is. Fucking shoulder police"

"mmm, external rotation...."

"Seriously man, shut the fuck up about fucking external
rotation. My shoulders are just fine. Fucking rheumatologists"

Focus. Grit. Enormous plums.
It's what makes Black Fish great.

Twice as much glove as Michael Jackson. 
Half the propofol addiction.

In a TNPS first, BF07 simultaneously dislocates 3 joints.

BF06 dominating down the home straight; BF07 in hot
pursuit. Makybe Diva languishing out of shot in third place.

Wearing an original Black Fish Basketball Club cap has been
scientifically proven to increase strength by 10%. 
Sadly the Steve Waugh rag in BF00's pants can't be seen in 
this picture.

BF00 gladly walking into the light. Sweet relief.

This picture says everything about the mighty Black Fish:
Next generation Fish
Dangerously compromised spinal columns

Post-workout nutrition

So that's 6 TNPS meetings in the bag - almost time for an end of season trip! Might have to go to Mannum for a slab.

(of beer).

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